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The game's US$1 billion income broke the earlier record set by Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which took 15 days to surpass US$1 billion in sales. The sport's first-day gross sales report beat the earlier report of US$500 million set by Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Law enforcement officials may also arrange traps to seize criminals engaged in unlawful transactions. Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell wrote that switching added a tactical aspect to shootouts as characters set up in strategic outposts would trigger fewer "shooting gallery" conditions than earlier instalments. Eurogamer's Bramwell discovered Trevor "shallow and unconvincing", and felt that his eccentricities damage the narrative and overshadowed Michael and Franklin's character growth. Eurogamer's Bramwell considered the lighting system to be the game's most significant dark web onions advancement. Play complimented the draw distances and weather and lighting methods. In January 2014, Computer and Video Games ranked the sport fourth on their "Games buy drugs darknet of the Generation" checklist.

Computer and Video Games' Andy Kelly felt that general mission design was extra diverse than and lacked the escort errands of its predecessors. IGN and Giant Bomb commended the music choice and felt that the original score enhanced dramatic tension during missions. Lamar Davis won the perfect New Character award from Giant Bomb. Before release, it received Most Anticipated Game at the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards. Simmons, Alex (thirteen November 2012). "Grand Theft Auto 5's Unseen Mastermind". Stuart, Keith (12 November 2012). "Grand how to buy drugs on the darknet Theft Auto V preview: the inside story". Stuart, Keith (2 November 2011). "GTA 5 trailer: Rockstar unveils its Hollywood dream". Stuart, Keith (13 September 2013). "Grand Theft Auto 5 - inside the creative process with Dan Houser". Hern, Alex (19 September 2013). "Grand Theft Auto 5 under hearth for graphic torture scene". Bertz, Matt (9 July 2013). "Grand Theft Auto V Q&A: Gun Combat". Hamilton, Kirk (24 September 2013). "Five Ways You may make Grand Theft Auto V More Immersive". Petit, Carolyn (16 September 2013). "Grand Theft Auto V Assessment: City of Angels and Demons". MacDonald, Keza (16 September 2013). "Grand Theft Auto V Review".

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Webster, Andrew (20 September 2013). "'Grand Theft Auto V' units record by incomes billion in simply three days". Reiner, Andrew (21 November 2014). "Grand Theft Auto V - Intimate Violence". Krupa, Daniel (4 November 2014). "Grand Theft Auto 5: A brand new Perspective". Hoggins, Tom (4 October dark web credit cards 2013). "Grand Theft Auto V is designed deliberately to degrade girls". Hoggins, Tom (2 May 2013). "Grand Theft Auto V preview". Players arrested or killed by officers throughout missions could restart from the last checkpoint. Lewis, Helen (22 September 2013). "Sure, it is misogynistic and violent, but I nonetheless admire Grand Theft Auto". Prescott, Shaun (18 October 2013). "GTA 5 revitalises declining US video games market - NPD". Goldfarb, Andrew (20 September 2013). "GTA 5 Sales dark web onions Hit Billion in Three Days". Petit, Carolyn (15 December 2013). "Xbox 360 Recreation of the 12 how to surf the dark web months 2013 Winner". Corriea, Alexa Ray (three October 2013). "The accidental dark web onions top darknet marketplaces excellence of GTA 5's soundscape". Pitcher, Jenna (9 October 2013). "Grand Theft Auto 5 smashes 7 Guinness World Records". Zelnick, Strauss (5 August 2014). "Q1 2015 Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Earnings Conference Call". Stapleton, Dan (17 November 2014). "GTA 5 PlayStation four and Xbox One Review".

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