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Implications of Nursing Staff Shortage

implications-of-nursing-staff-shortageThe medical workforce consists of hospitals, clinics, and independent medical and surgical institution staffing. They are the ones who take care of patients, assist doctors and specialists, administer oral medications and injections, change patient gowns and beddings. They do many other tasks, from as light as taking notes to the most challenging parts like carrying and transferring patients. However, some of the trainees choose to become providers of Private Home Health in Texas instead.

As the pandemic cripple our healthcare systems, the demand for Nurse Staffing arises. And here are the implications of the lack of nursing staff:

  • A high number of treatment errors
  • Possible increase of morbidity rates
  • High patient-to-nurse ratio
  • Delays in admission and discharges
  • Extended work hours for hospital staff

If this shortage continues, it may lead to the exhaustion of our hospital CNA resources. And we don’t want that to happen.

And that is why Allied Health Services is here to provide staffing needs to hospitals, clinics, surgical areas, and the like. We are your one-stop Nurse Staffing Agency in Houston, Texas.

If you know an institution that might need Supplemental Staffing, do not hesitate to refer them to us, or vice versa. We will match them with competent and qualified professionals. We have a roster of applicants that will correspond to their needs.

Call us at 713-524-4422 for more information.

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