Qualities That Make a Good Nurse


Looking for qualified registered nurses to work in your company is not easy. There are plenty of registered nurses out there, but not all of them can perform high-quality care. When hiring registered nurses, you need to consider certain things before you make the final decision.

Here are some important qualities that make a good nurse:

  • Empathetic
    A good nurse, CNA, or home health aide should be empathetic. They should have the ability to feel what their patients are experiencing so that they can truly understand their situation.
  • Emotional Stability
    Powerful emotions such as sadness, surprise, and frustration will only get in the way of their work. They will not let their emotions get ahead of themselves to help them provide quality and unbiased services.
  • Communication Skills
    Nurses need to gather and relay critical information. They should also be able to communicate with their patients through verbal and non-verbal communication to help their patients have peace of mind.
  • Critical Thinking
    Good nurses should be able to assess various facts and come to rational conclusions. Critical thinking is important to help them discern what objectives to prioritize to save lives.
  • Respectful
    Regardless of their behavior, being respectful to patients is a professional courtesy. Patients with challenging personalities are difficult to deal with, but good nurses can maintain their composure and stay respectful at all times.

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