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Responsibilities of a Staffing Agency

responsibilities-of-a-staffing-agencyA staffing or employment agency is an agency that fulfills the hiring requirements of any company in accordance with the skills that they need. People who join a company through a staffing agency are temporary workers on the agency’s payroll.

A lot of staffing agencies handle various kinds of businesses or companies. Some may focus on one nature of business, such as health or medical, just like our nursing staffing agency in Houston, Texas. There are also agencies that cater to supplemental staffing, which plays a big role in ensuring that hospitals and other healthcare providers remain adequately staffed.

But what are the general responsibilities of a staffing agency? In a gist, they provide end-to-end staffing solutions to a business. These solutions include:

  • Understanding the workload needs of the company.
  • Determining the workforce required to meet the workload.
  • Conducting interviews with candidates and shortlisting them based on qualifications.
  • Doing background checks and employment history on candidates.
  • Drafting contracts and looking at legal issues.

So, a medical staffing agency that provides staffing solutions to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and the like also follows these general responsibilities. If you are finding work as a CNA, registered nurse, surgical technician, patient sitter, and licensed vocational nurse, call Allied Health Services today!

We also work with facilities that offer private home health in Texas.

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