Strategies to Reduce Nursing Turnover Rates in Your Practice


Nursing jobs are among the most sought-after roles in healthcare with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 12% job growth rate in the next few years. Given the high demand for nursing jobs in the country, more hospitals and home care agencies are working with staffing agencies as a hospital staffing solution to avoid shortages.

In this month’s blog, we will share effective strategies to reduce nursing turnover rates in your practice:

  • Limit overtime and offer more flexibility.
    Overtime may seem like a necessity but more time spent on advance planning can limit its need. If you run a clinic or agency providing private home health in Texas, collect data about who works overtime and under what circumstances. This can help influence shift rotations and enable you to offer more flexibility in terms of work schedule.
  • Prioritize career development.
    Many nurses consider possible opportunities for career growth when they apply for jobs. A CNA who is interested in working for your practice may withdraw his or her application without such growth opportunities. Prioritize career development through mentorship programs or initiatives that develop their skills, so they can take on bigger responsibilities.
  • Reward excellent performance and longevity.
    Express your gratitude to long-term employees through recognition. Highlight their milestones by celebrating achievements and providing incentives, like bonuses or regular raises. This can motivate the most passionate and talented nurses on your team and encourage retention.

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