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Coping with Staffing Requirements for COVID-19 Immunization


After a year of rigorous research, several pharmaceuticals have completed their trial phases and are ready to release vaccines for COVID-19. In the United States, both public and private healthcare institutions are tasked to administer COVID-19 vaccinations. This means more people coming in for immunization, more work for nurses, and adjustments when it comes to nurse staffing.

To accommodate the influx of people who wish to get vaccinated, Allied Health Services recommends a strategic approach to scheduling and acquiring additional personnel. As a leading nurse staffing agency in Houston, Texas, we are fully aware of how the immunization process can affect healthcare workers. Avoid overworking your staff and plan accordingly to execute the immunization process smoothly.

We help hospitals and other healthcare facilities by providing skilled nurses, CNAs, and other medical professionals that they can hire on a term-to-term basis. Our roster of staff is carefully chosen to ensure quality. In times like a global pandemic, it’s important to take care of healthcare workers and, at the same time, ensure that the hospital remains at its best.

Effectively meet your demands during the COVID-19 battle by consulting with us. We also offer private home health in Texas. Contact us for more information.

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