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Ways for Nurses to Not Experience Burnout at Work


According to the American Nurses Association, there are many reasons why nurses can find the current healthcare field to be challenging. Staffing shortage is the foremost one as America’s general population continues to age. Our nurse staffing agency in Houston, Texas, Allied Health Services, ably rises to this challenge.

But other factors have contributed to the difficult environment nurses face today. Workplace aggression and assault, work hazards, mandatory overtime, lack of self-care support, and nurse burnout continue to affect retention rates in care facilities. Most of these can be solved at an administrative level. But the last one is intrinsically part of the nursing profession. As an advocate for quality supplemental staffing, we would like to focus on this one.

While professional burnout is unavoidable, there are ways to remedy it that are immediately available to nurses.

  • Build strong social bonds.
    Whether you are a CNA or a vocational nurse, interpersonal support remains a key player in surviving work stress. They provide an outlet to share personal experiences, offer advice, and even lead professionals to useful resources to maintain work satisfaction.
  • Maintain boundaries between your work and personal life.
    As much as possible, leave all notions of work, all grievances, and apprehensions, behind as soon as your shift ends. Focus on being present with your friends and family and the things you love.
  • Take advantage of rest periods.
    Sleep remains important in keeping concentration, stamina, and motivation. As a nurse staffing provider, we urge nurses to make the most out of their rest periods.

These are only a few tips. However, we believe that they are actionable steps to reducing the risk of burnout. Learn more by contacting a trusted provider of nursing in hospitals and private home health in Texas today.

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